4for4 is dedicated to the collection, sharing, and analysis of women's artistic gymnastics data. Right now we're still working on the first two parts of that goal.

Data on this website is compiled from official results in an attempt to create a central source for women's artistic elite gymnastics results. This is an inherently incomplete project based on the fragmented way of the WAG world, and additionally at the moment a work in progress as I try to get all the results from this quad in the database in the lead-up to the Olympics. Please forgive any data uncleanliness while I work on getting that out -- if you notice anything like a gymnast with two records under two ways to write their name or results missing from competitions not listed here, please contact 4for4 via email (4for4gym at gmail) or Twitter (@4for4info). If you have access to those missing results, please send them my way and I will get them on the website/be eternally grateful.

Help Us Out

I would like to fill out at least a birth year for every gymnast in the database, which would open up the ability to filter by juniors and seniors. Unfortunately, there is no easy place to pull that information from, so I'm attemption to crowd source that data gathering with this Google Sheet. If you feel like contributing a few birth years or DOBs for gymnasts, you will once again have my eternal gratitude.